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Jin Tsunami Response

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Jin Tsunami Response Şarkı Sözü

You got it twisted, If you think I'm here to cock block
On a bunch of no talent wanna-be shock jocks
And they say it's all freedom of speech
Well you just lost yours, read them and weep
Wont be happy until you're fired
My peoples is pissed holmes
And I bet you not a solo miss jones
Miss who? My point exact
and tell the rest of your staff that they need up clean up they're act
fuck the tsunami song and whoever thought of it

matter fact, fuck the engineer that recorded it
and the brains behind the scenes that applauded it
anything for ratings huh?
this shit is corporate
that little bullshit statement has gotta be, the worlds most half ass apology
thousands are still getting discovered each day
how dare you compare a life to a weeks pay
interesting, y'all quick to have a smack fest
but those that really need to ain't get slapped yet
and its rare that I'm even rapping pissed
jin is far from a human rights activist
so dont take this in a political fashion
nope its just a good old lyrical bashing
in fact I'm making it a mission of mine
Jin Tsunami Response Şarkı Sözü
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